I am not an activist, conspiracy theorists nor a criminal, just an average Joe being harassed by corrupt government employees / contactors and their family members while trying to find relief in the justice system dealing with a very bizarre crime and hopping to make positive changes so this will not happen to others.

I am stalked and slandered daily by a group which apparently are saying I am responsible for a crime and they are tasked with finding facts. What crime and who pays their salaries is unclear at present since I have never been approached or questioned by anyone to date. Currently I drive a sand truck working in the West Texas Oil Fields and before that I was an over the road truck driver covering 2500 miles per week on average so one thing is clear, they are spending a lot of time and money on myself but for what purpose? What could possible justify this attention or the money being spent?  It does not make sense.

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Tracy James Givens

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                                                         I created this site for the following reasons

  • To expose Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment, the perpetrators behind it and the many crimes being committed ranging from Abuse of Power and Authority, Obstruction of Justice, Civil Rights Violations to the possibility of Illegal or Unauthorized Human Research and Weapons Testing.

  • To gather information, the information obtained will be used to seek relief in the legal system and prosecute those responsible. This form of harassment is a blatant violation of my civil rights and liberties and may fall under the category of Crimes Against Humanity.

  • To document my struggles and share my findings with others thereby making it easier for those whom have the desire or ability to engage lawmakers and encourage them to introduce legislation and enact laws while strengthen existing laws regarding the issues.

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Exposing Gang Stalking - Electronic Harassment

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