​About Me

My name is Tracy James Givens, born May 05, 1962. I grew up in Arlington Texas and currently reside in Fort Worth Texas. Married once for 13 years to my high-school sweetheart Robin Ann Cox the daughter of Fred Lavon Cox Sr and Margaret (Hatcher) Godfrey both from the Paris Texas area. These are two very large families and at the time of our marriage in 1979 Robin had 14 aunts and uncles. These families have grown since that time like most. We divorced in August of 1992 and in August of 1993 the harassment began and has been ongoing ever since.

My ex-wife and her parents wanted to destroy my life and the life of my girlfriend at that time “Melissa E Hames” at all cost. After many attempts to cause problems they enlisted the help of their families and personal friends some of which worked within the law enforcement fields to achieve this goal. It’s progressed over the years from stalking me and invading my privacy to attacking my person with electronics such as radio frequency weapons and devices which has left obvious damage like the radiation burn on my neck and testicles and from what I have learned is causing irreversible damage to the rest of my body. These attacks began in January 2003 after witnessing the perpetrators installing something into the nose cone of an 8’ satellite dish that was in the neighbor’s yard at 3725 Arnold Drive, Fort Worth Texas 76140 which is directly behind our home. These attacks also forced me to have surgery in 2007 to repair damage to both eyes, damage which I’m told is consistent to those who work around high powered electronics. I am a truck driver by trade and currently work in the west Texas oil fields hauling Frac Sand to well sites.

The perpetrators have enacted a massive character attack against me in hopes of causing some form of break down or perhaps suicide. They have filmed me in compromising positions and having sex without my knowledge or consent, and not only shown this around the city but also placed the pornographic martial on-line. I understand one of their cover stories revolves around the death of the perpetrators son, a death I have no knowledge of and have never been asked about, I have only heard of it through the perpetrators electronics and while piecing together this information its clear they are the only ones which could have possibly done this and avoided prosecution for the crime.

Their family ties with law enforcement allow them access to innovative electronic surveillance technology and equipment along with files and documents that should otherwise be private. It also helps them avoid prosecution for the many crimes they commit while doing this. Their family ties with “psychology” professionals help them to discredit anyone that reports this crime and since the crime itself is so bizarre its quite challenging to explain, after all what type of person devotes their entire life to the destruction of another’s?

These families run their own revenge service and have been doing so for over 40 years. Their claim is “we’ve done this to 1000’s of people”. Some of the perpetrators have extensive backgrounds in electronics and communications and are licensed to build or modify electronic equipment. They use a wide range of electronics, some of which produces the effect known as “Microwave Hearing” to drive their advisory insane or to the point they commit some form of violent act so they will be arrested. It appears their intentions here are to force their targets into the “Mental Health System” having them labeled as “schizophrenic” there by making the crime easier to conceal and destroying any chance for a normal life.

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