About Me

 My name is Tracy James Givens, born May 05, 1962. I grew up in Arlington Texas and currently reside in Fort Worth Texas. Married once for 13 years to my high-school sweetheart Robin Ann Cox the daughter of Fred Lavon Cox Sr and Margaret (Hatcher) Godfrey both from the Paris Texas area. These are two very large families and at the time of our marriage in 1979 Robin had 14 aunts and uncles. These families have grown since that time like most. We divorced in August of 1992 and in August of 1993 the harassment began and has been ongoing ever since.

My ex-wife and her parents wanted to destroy my life and the life of my girlfriend at that time “Melissa E Hames” also from Arlington, Texas, at all cost. After many attempts to cause problems they enlisted the help of their families and personal friends some of which worked within the law enforcement fields to achieve this goal. It’s progressed over the years from stalking me and invading my privacy to attacking my person with electronics such as radio frequency weapons and devices. These attacks have left obvious damage to my body like the radiation burn on my neck and testicles and from what I have learned is causing irreversible damage to the rest of my body.

These attacks began in January 2003 after witnessing the perpetrators installing something into the nose cone of an 8’ satellite dish that was in the neighbor’s yard at 3725 Arnold Drive, Fort Worth Texas 76140 which is directly behind our home. These attacks also forced me to have surgery in 2007 to repair damage to both eyes, damage which I’m told is consistent to those who work around High -Powered electronics. I am an Over-the Road truck driver by trade and currently work for a company based out of Fort Worth, Texas and operating in all 48 states.

The perpetrators have enacted a massive character attack against me in hopes of causing some form of break down or perhaps suicide. They have filmed me in compromising positions and having sex without my knowledge or consent, and not only shown this around the city but also placed the pornographic martial on-line. I understand one of their cover stories revolves around the death of the perpetrators son, a death I have no knowledge of nor have I been asked about, I have only heard of it through the perpetrators electronics and while piecing together this information its clear they are the only ones which could have possibly done this and avoided prosecution for the crime. Presently I cannot tell the entire story but can share this much without naming names so here’s what I can share.

Family of perpetrators, the deceased son gets divorced because the wife is sleeping with his stepbrother, both wife and stepbrother are asked to leave the family home. They returned at later date to rob the home for drug money thinking or believing no one would be home for some time, the ex-husband arrives and finds them there, an altercation breaks out between the brothers, the ex-wife acquires a weapon and shots the ex-husband off the brother (her current lover), they leave under the cover of night taking with them personal belongings and the deceased motorcycle. That’s the short version of what I feel happened.

The family’s tie’s with government agencies and law enforcement allow them access to innovative electronic surveillance technology and equipment (stingray-tempest) along with files and documents that should otherwise be private. It also helps them avoid prosecution for the many crimes they commit while doing this. The family’s tie’s with “psychology” professionals help them to discredit anyone that reports this crime and since the crime itself is bizarre, it’s quite challenging to explain sometimes.  

These families run their own revenge service and have been doing so for over 50 years. Their claim is “we’ve done this to 1000’s of people”. Some of the perpetrators have extensive backgrounds in electronics and communications and are licensed by the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission to design, build, modify and operate radio and electronic equipment. This includes HAM – Radios. Other members of these families are licensed Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Councilor’s and Collage Professors teaching math, psychology and physics. Other medical professionals working within the mental health fields are involved with Brain Research or it’s many subtopics like (BCI) Brain Computer Interface and Communication.

They use a wide range of electronics such as Stingrays and Tempest systems, some of which is banned surveillance technologies and has remarkable abilities such as “seeing” through the human eye and using the human ear as a microphone allowing the technician too watch what the target is doing and overhear conversations the target is engaged in or close enough to be overheard by the target regardless of location and all of this can be recorded by the technician in real time making the target a “Human Piece of Surveillance Equipment”

As mentioned, this form of surveillance technology has been banned by President William Jefferson Clinton in January 1995 citing it “To Intrusive” into a person’s privacy. Prior to this ban it was reserved for High-Level-Security-Risks to our nation the United States of America and a warrant must be obtained through the Foreign Surveillance Court before being used and every (90) ninety days thereafter.

The ban covered all (16) sixteen intelligence agencies but as of today the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation and the (HUD) Department of Housing and Urban Development have yet to comply with this ban making them in direct violation of Federal Law.

This surveillance technology also produces the effect known as Synthetic Telepathy or “Microwave Hearing” which in short is the ability to place sounds or voice inside a person’s head without it being easily detected by others nearby. Easily being the key word here. With advances in technologies available to the general public not only can it be detected but recorded and tracked to the source.

There is good reason for this technology to be banned, not only is it intrusive into a person’s privacy but imagine it being used for malicious purposes or under the pretense of scientific research. Today it’s being used for both, a near perfect revenge tool used to drive an advisory insane or to the point they commit some form of violent act so they will be arrested. It appears their intentions here are to force their targets into the “Mental Health System” having them labeled as “schizophrenic” there by making the crime easier to conceal and destroying any chance for a normal life.

When looking at the history of the technologies involved its easy to watch it grow from the shadows of the 1950’s and the tinfoil hat wearer days into the light of the 21st century, some 70 years later. As more documents become declassified yearly and made available to the general public it becomes easier to envision its shady history and the abuses wielded by its operators. Remember seeing the guy talking to himself on the corner? Was he suffering a mental health issue or was he carrying on a conversation with one of the technicians operating the equipment? Today it could be either.

Advances in technology has also brought new testing methods that rules out mental health issues all together so no matter how unlikely the idea that someone’s transmitting voice or sounds inside your head. Quoting Spock here; once you rule out the obvious whatever is left no matter how unlikely, must be the answer

Looking at it from the medical angel you can understand why some in the medical community would not want to acknowledge Microwave Hearing is real and that some people hearing voices are victims of harassment. There is money to be made selling medications, and it goes against what collage taught them about mental health disorders. Brain computer interface and wireless stimulation of the brain was being quietly being tested by Delgado when most of today’s psychologists went to school.

When speaking with anyone or reporting that you hear voices peoples first reaction is doubt, then they read the brief on microwave hearing and say, well maybe it’s happening, but why you, why would they spend this kind of money on you? My answer is simply, revenge for my divorce.  I am a target of opportunity, they had the means with access to the equipment, held positions of power and authority working with no oversight or accountability and the desire to please their family. No one would have to know. If I broke people would simply think I had lost my mind or went crazy for whatever reason never suspecting anything else. It appears there are numerous victims of this technology and this (special surveillance team) which nobody knows about.

When it began, they wanted to destroy my life, keep me from seeing my son which was 10 at the time. They hoped to set me up on drug charges, but I never sold drugs and didn’t hang out around those who did so that didn’t work out. I had noticed someone following me on occasion but when trying to speak with them they’d drive away so figuring it must not be important or was ex’s family I didn’t worry, why should I if I’m not involved in illegal activity? I began to wave at them since they wanted to be seen, then after a while just ignored them. It was impossible to speak with any of them seeing how they just wanted to play games and drive away and because of this they must have felt I was week.

It progressed from being followed to being stalked, no longer covert but overt, they wanted me to know they were around, everywhere, all the time. They used the same vehicles making sure I would notice. With darken windows making it harder to identify the occupants they would stay in sight but hanging back, sometimes exiting or turning on a side street reemerging a few minutes later. When parked or stopped they would stay 20 yards away, just out of reach, leaving themselves a quick easy escape to avoid being confronted. In the city I would pass them going the opposite directions, no matter which roads I used. This happened constantly. Turns out this was part of their Psy-ops, intimidation, showing of strength and numbers, making it appear I was up against 100’s when it was 10, trying to scare or push me into something.

It progressed to using electronics and transmitting sounds inside my head, at first it was audio checks, checking left, right and center I would hear birds like a flock when not a single bird was insight, or just one rhythmic chirp. Shortly after this other sounds began, phones, doorbells, and someone speaking but at distance or in the next room, and not too me, but about me, like they were having a conversation with another person. A tactic used to distance you from others which could expose them they plant the seed of deceit. Using voice synthesis, they’re able to reproduce voices, maybe your best friends or boss’s voice, the girl at the tavern or restaurant, even your own mothers voice will be used. Now your hearing conversations about you but with a familiar voice, your lovers perhaps. This cause’s distrust, conflicts, breakups, divorce. Even the chance of homicide here if a partner or lover is suspicious in nature.

It appears most targets have been labeled with mental health issues so chances of them getting anyone to listen or investigate anything is unlikely, many are low income and cannot afford equipment or professional help documenting the harassment. While this technology has been in use since late 1970’s much of it was classified into the 1990’s and then shelfed or banned from use in 1995.

When it began, they must have felt I was week, would crumble, maybe commit suicide or be committed to a Psychiatric facility. Now it’s a direct attempt to silence me so they won’t have to admit they lied.

COX Health Care owns at least 6 psychiatric hospitals with over 1000 beds while Hatcher Psychology owning or being investors with 2 psychiatric hospitals of their own. These types of hospitals are heavily funded and involved in psychological research and drug testing and with so many of the patients being low income or without insurance making up the biggest percent of test subjects.

Rohm & Haus was the largest manufacturer of psychoactive medications in the world before selling to Dow Chemical.