December 07, 2019.

May 18, 2019

The only real news currently is I'm back active in the fight for justice. I've changed jobs and this will allow me time to keep up on things a little better.

November 24 2019

I have left the West Texas oil and gas fields after about 7 years and happy to be driving over the road again. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas I travel everywhere except the north east corner and of course the ex's family of freaks Cox, Godfrey, Hatcher, Brown, Flores and others continue stalking and slandering me daily while continuing to attack me with radio frequency's,  except now they are forced out in the public eye and having to make contact with others that might not be so easily convinced or persuaded to join in.

It also forces the perpetrators to change license plates on their vehicles in EVERY STATE so there will be some form of record being kept and this record will match my electronic log book. A win / win for myself in terms of documenting this harassment.

Of course having corrupt FBI and United States Government employees / contractors covering for them is still an obstacle for myself and other targets of this form of harassment but we here at TracyGivens.Com would like to believe we are chipping away at the bureaucratic bullshit while laying down a solid foundation or path for others that follow.

FBI agent Charlene Thornton , FBI agent Shufelt , FBI Agent Rick Thornton , FBI agent Christopher Todd Doss which is / was assigned to the Office of the President Science and Technology Department working along side of Christine Johnson are part of the issues yet to be overcome for targets like my self not seeing resolution in this matter.

FYI - All those named above are related in some form or fashion to my ex-wife's family.

The FBI needs an ENEMA !