Some of the things I have experienced and been forced to endure which can be achieved by exploiting the Radio Frequency Spectrum include but not limited too:

Sensation of having saran wrap or clear plastic placed over my eyes while trying to read

Sensation of cobwebs placed on my face even while at my nephews funeral

Sensation of something being pushed through my chest and heart like a pencil

Sensation of cold water being poured down my back while sitting on my bed

Sensation of being submerged in boiling water, I could actually hear the water boiling

Sensation of being punched in the eye. This felt so real I actually looked in the mirror for signs of swelling

Sensation of a dog chewing on me like a toy, I could hear the dog breathing while this took place

Sensation of my feet being set on fire, I could hear a Benzo-Matic which is a soldering torch used by plumbers click on followed by pain

Sensation of being sawed in half

Sensation of being sexually stimulated

Sensation of vibrator being inserted into my anus

Sensation of something heavy placed on chest while laying down

Sensation of heavy weight being placed on me while walking

Sensation of ants crawling and biting on me. I stepped outside at this point and noticed the perpetrators parked in front of the Elliott / Robinson home located at 3716 Royal Crest Dr just two homes west, when they noticed me they jumped into their vehicles and drove off except for one male which walked back into the home carrying what appeared to be a gallon tea jar which looked like it had dirt in the bottom of it

Sensation of being brain printed, I say this because I could feel my head being sweep over by some type of radio-frequency wave for lack of better description. It was very fast pulsing that started from the left going right then centered ending with increased rhythm. This whole process lasted approximately 2-3 seconds and came from the South East of our home

Wave making in progress!

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Electronic Harassment