How You Can Help


Members of the Public

If you have been approached by someone wanting to show you photos or telling you their story about Tracy Givens or maybe referring you to a website other than my own, please share this information by clicking the Contact Us link. You can do this anonymously if you like, either way your name and contact information will not be shared or used in anyway without your express written permissions. This will help me gather needed information for a timely resolution to this issue

Please include as much information as possible such as location of encounter, time and date, description of the individuals and reason given for the encounter in as much detail as possible.

Law Enforcement

My father James A. Givens worked for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s department in Wichita Kansas for 22.5 years and if he were still alive I am sure that this issue would have been addressed promptly. It’s an unfortunate fact that corruption within certain agency’s or departments is an everyday issue we all are forced to deal with and this corruption tarnishes the many good men and women who put their lives on the line daily. Many of the perpetrators are licensed law enforcement while others have gotten away with this form of harassment for years using the cover story of working for law enforcement either as private investigators or under the protection of members of the narcotics task force.

It’s my understanding these individuals making such claims can walk away even when their credentials don’t quite check out. Please file your reports including their names and identifying numbers along with why they claim to be watching since every time a report is made it makes it harder for the harassment to continue.

Investigative Journalist

If you are an Investigative Journalist, then TracyGivens.Com could use your help getting to the bottom of this and exposing the corruption behind it. I have gathered a lot of information about the perpetrators known to me and how they connect to each other leading me to believe the perpetrators are sitting people up for unauthorized and illegal human research in several different areas and undoubtedly there are many more crimes being committed that I am not aware of

Audio Technicians

I have hours of recordings which the perpetrators can be heard in the background but the clarity needs improved and other noises and sounds removed. I have zero experience in this and cannot afford equipment that I don’t know how to use. If you are an Audio Tech especially living in the Dallas – Fort Worth Texas area and are willing to volunteer a few hours of your time I would love to hear from you.

Medical Professinals

I have had three MRIs and CAT Scans done all reporting no abnormality or issues of any type yet all showing the same film flaw at the same locations in my skull. These were done with and without contrast and I have them on disk. I have since learned for the flaw in question to be reported the object must equal too or larger than the scan parameters, in short, a 2mm object will not be reported if the scan was done at say 4mm range even though it clearly shows up so the scans must be done at a closer range and this is costly to someone like myself. In short I need someone willing to look at the scan results I currently have and willing to take a couple x-rays of the locations to get a better image to be used as evidence. I would be willing to sign all necessary release forms for this.


Members of the church should be aware this technology exist with thousands of people being effected, some of which will seek advice, support and reassurance from their church. Please keep this in mind when speaking with members that all the sudden begin hearing voices or start encountering other issues such as stalking or neighborhood harassment, some might be targets of this technology by corrupt members of the law enforcement community. You should also be aware the primary cover for this form of harassment is the cover story of mental health issues and I have uncovered several mental health professionals involved with community harassment of this type who's motives appears to be illegal, unethical and unauthorized human research.

Besides the above all I can ask of you is to pray for all the targets of this technology, we are on the front line of emerging technology's, some of these technology's have life saving potential but used improperly are life threatening.

Quick fact about non-lethal weapons testing: Example; the technology is used on 100 people, if it kills less than 25% than it's considered non-lethal.