Employment with the United States Government either past or present

Contracts with the United States Government including DARPA and DOD past or present

FCC licensing to Design, Build, Modify and Operate electronic equipment including HAM radios

Own or Operate computer related business such as software, design, repair, programming and networking

Employment in the Information Technology fields

Employment in the Medical fields including Bio Technology, Neurology, Psychology with some showing current or past involvement with Brain and Behavior Modification Research

Employment as Law Enforcement Officers either City / County / State / Federal or US

Employment as Private Investigators some of which hold DOD clearances such as Rohmman Services in San Antonio, Texas

Own and Operate Law Firms such as Rohm / Haas / Flores / Becerra / Brown Family's

Current or past employment as Litigators for the State

Employment as Parole / Probation officers both adult and juvenile

Own or Operate Financial Institutions

Own or Operate Insurance Company's or work as Brokers


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McDonald / Brown / Doss / Thornton / Elliott / Ratliff / Hayes / Robinson / Wilson / Beccera / Herrera / Cox / Flores / Anderson / Shufelt / Baxter / Ray / Ferguson / DeLaPaz / Delgado / Plata / Rohm / Valdez / Haas / Manning / Chaney / Helms / Baldwin / Gray / Godfrey / Hatcher / Coco and several other family's

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After positively identifying some of the perpetrators I did some background work on who they are and how they could possibly afford to do this while avoiding detection or prosecution. Using Public Information I find the Elliott / McDonald / Wilson / Doss families related to the Chaney / Helms family's while the Bessera / Flores / Cox families show related to the Jose Delgado family. If this turns out true it makes sense seeing how the Vice President was Richard Chaney while Richard Helms ran the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which was researching mind control using wireless electrical stimulation of the brain with Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado at the same time. Perhaps this is why the perpetrators are so confident having boosted through their electronics how their family has been doing this for over 50 years and was so important and they could do what ever they wanted. It would also stand to reason why so many of the perpetrators show members of their family's having the following;