I have recorded several hours of Audio and Video clips from the Perpatrators own phones and computers. I was able to do this while they were hacking my cell phones. Many of the clips will need the background inhanced and others noise removed to hear their conversations clearly but they can be heard, not only in conversations with each other but harassing myself with the MICROWAVE HEARING. Yes it can be recorded using nothing more then a cell phone and good microphone.

When listening you must listen to the background, that's where you will hear most of their conversations

The audio is very disturbing because you can clearly hear females and childern being assulted. In one video clip it shows the inside of their home along with faces yet in another a female is heard singing and saying "I'm going to murder my mother" and in another is a very clear conversation about how a local investigator murdered his girlfriend and was placed IN CHARGE of the INVESTIGATION.

The perpatrators have tried hacking many of the video sites and disrupting the audio playback, If you encounter problems please drop me a line with the file number and I will try sending you one dircetly

The following videos are also avaialbe at